Indian Education School,Bhavans Kuwait remains a hub of enriching activities even amidst the lockdown due to COVID 19,  acknowledging and placing a great deal of importance on students’ holistic development  and providing them with ample opportunities to flaunt their leadership skills. It has left no stone unturned even in these extraordinary circumstances, setting an impressive  example for its counterparts by being the first Indian school in Kuwait school that invested the insignia of authority and power with the new virtually elected members designated as supreme council members and class representatives for the academic session 2020-2021.

IES witnessed rousing cheers and endless excitement on May 5, 6 and 7 as innumerable candidates from Grades 5 to 12 enthusiastically filed their nominations and participated in the election campaign and presented their manifestos in front of their classmates in their respective virtual classes contesting for the post of Class Prefects. All the voters virtually cast their votes in favour of their preferred  representatives. The class teachers of each class counted the votes in front of the whole class creating an environment of excitement and curiosity all around.

Following the election of the class prefects, the excitement reached its zenith with the election of Student Council from grades 9 and 11. After a thorough scrutiny of the nominations, the candidates had to attend an in-depth interview with the Senior Leadership Team comprising Mr.N.K.Ramachandran Menon, the chairman, Bhavans Middle East, Mr. T. Premkumar, the principal, IES, Mrs. Anselma Tessy Judeson, the  vice principal, senior wing, Mrs. Jaemi Byju, the vice Principal, middle Wing and Mrs. Meenakshi Nayyar ,the vice principal, co-curricular activities. The team assessed the candidates based on the quality and thoughtfulness of their responses and their  action plan in building a sense of team spirit among their schoolmates, being the voice of the student body. The announcement of the results by the Principal, Mr. T. Premkumar was videoed and played in the virtual classes of all the grades from 5 to 12 on May 10, 2020.

The virtual Investiture 2020 will be held on May 16, 2020 and the retired army officer Brigadier D.K. Badola will be the Chief Guest. With the conferral of the badge of authority, the office bearers will start discharging their duties with compassion and integrity working in tandem with the management, the staff and the fellow students. Upholding the ethos of Bhavans, the council will undoubtedly shine under the true leaders of Indian Educational School and the school will further  blaze in  Kuwait.

The newly elected supreme council members of Indian Educational School.


Head Boy Jerome John Thomas 11 D
Head Girl Vaishnavi Rajesh Pai 11 B
Junior Head Boy Haridathan Madhusoodhanan 4 I
Junior Head Girl Dhwani Santhi Nair 4 D
Deputy Head Boy Adhityan Rajesh Nair 9 F
Deputy Head Girl Zara Imtiaz 9 A
Cultural Secretary (Boys) Mathew Thomas Paul 11 C
Cultural Secretary (Girls) Theertha Krishna 11 D
Deputy Cultural Secretary (Boys) Akshith Rajesh 9 F
Deputy Cultural Secretary (Girls) Devika Sasankan 9 H
Public Relation Officer (Boys) Sricharan Sridhar 11 A
Public Relation Officer (Girls) Meril Mathew 11 C
Sports Captain (Boys) Adrian Peter 11 D
Sports Captain (Girls) Diya Sudha Lal 11 B
Deputy Sports Captain (Boys) Johnathan Peter 9 F
Deputy Sports Captain (Girls) Harinee Ganesan 9 G
Student Editors Vishnu Balram

Ananya Sriram

11 C

11 D



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