‘Meet the Expert – How Technology Helps Us to Maintain Sustainability of the Planet’,

The Department of Science at Bhavans Indian Education School, Kuwait, held a virtual session, ‘Meet the Expert – How Technology Helps Us to Maintain Sustainability of the Planet’, on May 6, 2021, at 1.20 p.m. exclusively for the students of grades 11 and 12. The keynote speaker of the day, Mr. Utkarsh Sinha, Director of Engineering and Management, Bucolic Kailash Agritech and FMCG Pvt. Ltd., Manipal, was welcomed and introduced to the virtual gathering by Dave Rino of 11C. Mr. Utkarsh Sinha, in his presentation on ‘How Technology Helps Us to Maintain Sustainability of the Planet’, talked about different aspects such as  how the future of technology could help human beings  to sustain the planet and why lives and plants are required for giving happiness to humans. He emphasized that the overall goal of development should be having a quality life that should help fulfil human ambitions, and the goal of sustainability should be based on sustaining the ecosystem for the coexistence of human beings and biosphere. He warned about the potential scarcity of food and potable water with the exponential increase in population and the excessive wastage of food which might ultimately lead humans to dreadful disasters. He came up with a perfectly feasible solution, automated farming, where humans could make computers that could grow plants and produce food.  He mentioned the advantages of different types of agricultural systems like hydroponics, pisciculture and mushroom cultivation. He blended aqua culture with hydroponics to form aquaponics, and technology with expertise to start aquaponics, and stated that although the execution of the ideas might be challenging, benefits might be enormous.  He added that the chances of failure could be reduced by automating these technologies with the help of mobile phones and web browsers. He mentioned that heavy duty equipment and high investments were not required to start these types of agricultural systems with the existing environment.  He also cast light on automated mushroom farming with the use of fewer chemicals and less wastage.  Finally, while lecturing on aquaponics, he introduced a device named ‘AQ Aerator’ with sixty per cent power saving efficiency.  He also presented an automated fish feeder designed by him, and said that he had filed a patent on the device. The question-answer session held after the presentation was the icing on the cake for the students who could dispel their doubts pertaining to the topic. The probing questions of the young Bhavanites received praises from Mr. Utkarsh Sinha who authentically answered all the questions with relevant examples. The extremely informative and highly interactive session that lasted almost for an hour came to a close with the vote of thanks proposed by Srihari Badrinarayanan of 11A.  

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