A Valid Session on the Right Perspective

Bhavans Kuwait took the initiative to have a stock taking session of the year gone by with parents and students of class 12 of the batch 2020-21. It was an informal webinar on the topic ‘Perspective matters’, a pleasant evening chat with the Hon. Chairman, Bhavans Middle East, Mr. N. K. Ramachandran Menon, a true visionary. The interactive session reflected upon how effectively the Grade 12 adolescents utilized the so called ‘difficult time’ and how they made a difference out of it. The Principal, Vice Principals, Heads of the Departments and the teachers, were part of the efficacious discussion. The Hon. Chairman Mr. Ramachandran Menon commenced the discussion with a simple question on how happy or unhappy each one of them was. The Chairman addressed all the students, interacting with each one of them, listening patiently to their anxieties and reassuring them that the right perspective in life makes the impossible, possible. He suggested that one must never hold onto the past or depend too much on the expectations about the future or fixed plans. A few parents too spoke on how the pandemic time had a few benefits too, since they got so much time to spend with their kids, especially those in grade 12. The session was an invigorating, inspiring and eye-opening for everyone.  

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