The Department of Science of Bhavans Indian Education School, organized a virtual Environment Day Celebration on June 6, 2021, by conducting a plethora of virtual activities. The theme chosen for this year was ‘Ecosystem Restoration’. The tiny tots of IES, took their maiden steps towards environment restoration by germinating seeds, feeding birds and making bottle coasters. Combining images of human body and elements of nature, the students of grade 1 created human figures using grains, dry and fresh leaves, fruits, vegetables, sticks etc. The students of grade 2 reached out to their feathered friends by hanging homemade bird feeders made of plastic bottles, egg racks, milk, and juice cartons, orange cup, popsicle sticks, old metal tins, paper plates, empty toilet rolls and coconut shells. The students of grade 3 came up with an innovative and cost-effective way of incorporating greenery in their house by setting up beautiful hanging gardens made of plastic containers, glass jars, old metal tins etc. and the students of grade 4 recreated beautiful terrariums. The students of grades 7 and 8 attended a session by Dr. Chindambaram Sabarathinam, a research scientist from Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. The guest speaker, Dr. Chindambaram Sabarathinam, addressed the students with an excellent presentation on the recent threats to environment. He concluded that there should be absolute harmony maintained among the environment, social beings and technological development. At the end of the session, the questions posed by the students were answered by the resource person. Apart from the presentation, a short video of the students performing a few activities pertaining to the Environment Day was played in the virtual classes. Ms. AnselmaTessy Judeson, Vice Principal Senior Wing in her closing thoughts expressed that an alarm call has been raised by nature and it was indeed a call to give back to Mother Earth all the resources that humans have been over exploiting over the past years. The Principal of IES, Mr. T. Premkumar, presented a virtual certificate to the resource person as a token of appreciation and thanked him for spending his valuable time to create awareness among the students.

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